Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cupcakes, round two

Since I have accumulated more bag tips and sparkle glaze and have practiced with them, I decided to try another round of decorating cupcakes. I made another devil's food cake mix and chocolate and buttercream icing for the crumb coat. The decorations were also made of buttercream, but this time I used Wilton's color paste.

The colors turned out much more vibrant this time, which I really enjoyed.

I perfected the Wilton rosette technique

and made some rosette flowers.

I also worked on my 1M swirl

And added some sprinkles to it.

The sparkle glaze is really quite pretty, although it doesn't taste absolutely great.

I also practiced the sotas technique...although something like that doesn't require much practice!

I practiced the rose a little bit, and made some green leaves to adorn the cupcake as well.

The first cake

After all of the practicing, I thought I'd try my hand at an actual cake. I made a devil's food cake and iced it with Wilton's chocolate fudge icing.

I made a lace border around the bottom and top edges with pink and peach colored buttercream icing.

Then I added star embellishments in yellow and blue, and drop flowers in yellow.

I made Wilton roses out of the different colors of icing I had, chilled them, and applied them to the top of the cake.

The finished product!

First try at decorating

After being inspired by a friend who brought cupcakes to class one day, I bought a Wilton 15 piece decorating kit from the store down the street and did some experimenting. I made a buttercream icing and used generic food coloring to decorate the cupcakes.

I tried a few different techniques with the different tips in the kit.

This one was my favorite.

A few days later I returned to the store and purchased a tub of gum paste mix and a flower tool set. I practiced with the gum paste mix and attempted this calla lily. It turned out alright, but the gum paste dried faster than I had anticipated, therefore cracking the edges of the lily.

Shortly after that, I got the courage to try the Wilton rose. It didn't turn out quite right, but it was fine for a first try. I gave up for the day and came back to it later.

The next time I tried, I had a bit more success. I also tried my hand at a leaf to accompany the rose.