Sunday, November 23, 2008

Cupcakes, round two

Since I have accumulated more bag tips and sparkle glaze and have practiced with them, I decided to try another round of decorating cupcakes. I made another devil's food cake mix and chocolate and buttercream icing for the crumb coat. The decorations were also made of buttercream, but this time I used Wilton's color paste.

The colors turned out much more vibrant this time, which I really enjoyed.

I perfected the Wilton rosette technique

and made some rosette flowers.

I also worked on my 1M swirl

And added some sprinkles to it.

The sparkle glaze is really quite pretty, although it doesn't taste absolutely great.

I also practiced the sotas technique...although something like that doesn't require much practice!

I practiced the rose a little bit, and made some green leaves to adorn the cupcake as well.

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